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The City of Paramount, CA

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About Explore Paramount

Paramount is home to many unique and innovative businesses. Explore all that Paramount has to offer by purchasing an online gift card here.

Have a Business in Explore Paramount?

Joining Giftbar via allows you to accept the gift cards that are being issued to local households as part of the Explore Paramount program! Learn More »


Q: What is Giftbar?

A: Giftbar is a gift card service that serves as an authorized seller of gift cards for over 10,000 high end boutiques, services, spas and restaurants across the country. Our service allows you to quickly and securely purchase digital or printed gift cards to any of these merchants.

Q: Why should I use the Giftbar website?

A: Giftbar has a large selection of digital gift cards from local and online retailers, and allows you to choose from many different categories. Digital gift cards can be ordered from the comfort of your own computer and either emailed or texted to your recipient, or printed at home. Giftbar allows you to easily and quickly purchase either a single gift card or multiple gift cards for anyone on your list while supporting all of your favorite local retailers. More of your favorites are being added all the time…so check back often!

Q: How do I purchase a gift card from Giftbar?

A: Simply visit and find the merchant that is right for your recipient and in a few easy steps you can choose from different digital wrappings, upload photos and send a personal message to your recipient. If you're having trouble picking a merchant, you can always try one of universal gift card Universal Gift Card.

Q: What retailers offer gift cards on the Giftbar website?

A: Giftbar offers gift cards from some of the best local retailers in each of our markets. To browse all merchants across all markets, click here. We pride ourselves on seeking out the best and most unique retailers to make sure there is something for everyone! More retailers are being added all the time! Please check back frequently!

Q: How will the gift card arrive to my recipient?

A: All of our digital gift cards are received via your recipient's email address or mobile phone number. Recipients are provided with a link that eloquently displays the dollar amount of the gift and the retailer that you have selected.

Q: When I receive the gift card, how can I use it?

A: The gift card can be redeemed at the retailer’s store. We currently do not allow gift cards to be redeemed on a retailer's website. For further instructions on redemption, contact Giftbar or the retailer directly.

Q: What if my gift was sent by email and it wasn’t received?

A: A variety of reasons can prevent a recipient from being able to receive an email from Giftbar. The most common reasons include:

  • Recipient’s spam setting is high (sender is not on safe list)
  • Recipient’s firewall blocks the email
  • Recipient’s email inbox has exceeded its size limit
  • Invalid email address
  • Email is accidentally deleted by the recipient

As the purchaser of a gift card sent via email or mobile, you will receive a copy of the email that is sent to your recipient. You may always forward or copy and paste this email and send it from your email address. Otherwise, please submit a customer service inquiry to and we will try and resend.

Q: How can I tell how much money is on a Giftbar gift card?

A: You can visit and click on “Check Card Balance” located at the top right of any of our pages. Once there, type in your unique 8-digit code that is displayed on your gift card. Retailers are also able to check the available balance. Instructions on how to check the balance on your card will always be provided on your gift card. For additional questions or concerns regarding the balance of your card, please contact Giftbar directly. You can also view balances on any gift card in your gift wallet located within your Giftbar account.

Q: Can the dollar amount on the gift card be changed?

A: The dollar amount on a gift card cannot be changed once the card has been purchased and issued. Upon use, the card balance is deducted by the amount used. Giftbar does not currently allow for the reload of funds on to a gift card.

Q: What happens if I lose the gift card or it is stolen?

A: You must contact Giftbar directly and notify us of any lost and/or stolen gift cards. We strongly recommend you contact us immediately. But generally, lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced. Please treat gift cards like cash.

Q: Can I send the gift card to myself?

A: Yes. You can have the gift card sent to yourself so you can use it or give to your recipient directly. Just type in your email and/or mobile phone number.

Q: Who can I contact if I have an issue with my gift card?

A: For issues regarding purchase or delivery of your gift card, please contact Giftbar Customer Service at

Q: Can I store my recipient data and do you keep records of previous customers?

A: Yes, you have the opportunity at checkout to save your recipient's address information for easier future ordering. We do maintain your privacy and the security of all data you store in your account. For additional details regarding our privacy, please see our privacy policy.

Q: Should I store my credit card information with Giftbar?

A: Rest assured that Giftbar never keeps your full credit card number on file and if you choose to save a default payment method within your account, Giftbar works with a third party payment provider to protect your information through their unique system and servers. By having our system remember your payment information, you'll be able to quickly and easily check out in the future.

Q: What is a Giftbar Mixer?

A: A Giftbar Mixer is a unique gift card that is comprised of several Giftbar merchants. Recipients of a Giftbar Mixer may use their gift card at any of the merchants listed on their gift card up to the values specified.

Q: How does a Universal Gift Card work?

A: A Universal Gift Card can be used at any one of Giftbar’s merchants. Simply show your Universal Gift Card to any of our merchants and redeem for the dollar amount specified. Alternatively, you may redeem your Universal Gift Card gift card for a gift card to any of our thousands of local boutiques and online retailers.

Q: Why isn't my card active yet?

A: In order to mitigate fraud and protect our local merchants, our system validates authenticity of all orders places certain orders on a temporary hold. This hold is released once we can verify the authenticity of the order. If your card isn't active, please check your email for a verification request from us or contact us for assistance.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: All gift cards sales are final and we are unable to process returns.

Q: Are gift cards transferable to any others?

A: You can give the gift card to whomever you would like. However, all retailers will ask for a copy of the forwarded email or mobile text to verify transfer.

Q: What forms of payment can I use on the Giftbar website?

A: We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Debit cards that do not require a PIN number are also an acceptable form of payment.

Q: What are the hours of service for your customer support line?

A: A customer service representative is available to speak with you by phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. central time. Please call 866.989.5580. You can also email us at

Q: Do I need to create an account?

A: Yes. We do require you to create an account in order to complete your purchase from the Giftbar website. However, creating an account will speed your future shopping experience and will provide you with access to personalized features on our website.